Making Effective Presentations

Making Effective Presentations:
Business Presentations for the 21st Century

Do you get anxious when you hear that you’ll have to deliver a presentation with the intent of requesting resources? Do you freeze at the thought of trying to organize and present a vast amount of information? Are you an experienced presenter, but concerned that the informative “open, body, close” presentation does not fit for all business presentations?

Today, IT and technical professionals are required to make presentations more often than ever before, and those presentations need to be fresh, engaging, and persuasive. Project updates, management briefings, status reports, and client presentations are just a few of the types of presentations that have become commonplace. Each type of presentation requires a unique approach and structure to achieve the desired outcome, and every presentation should be driven by the specific needs of the audience.

In this presentations workshop, participants will learn how to target audience needs, how to structure information to fit different learning styles, and how to tailor a presentation to specific outcomes. Participants will also discover how to focus their listening skills on various types of presentations.

All participants will be recorded practicing their presentations. They’ll receive individual coaching and guidelines on how to evaluate their own presentations. They will learn how to identify their strengths as well as areas for improvement.


This training program is 2 days (16 hours of training).

Instructor/Class Size Ratio:

This training program has a ratio of 1 instructor to 8-10 participants.

Intended For:

This training program is designed for IT and technical professionals, as well as anyone responsible for delivering business presentations.


After completing this training program, participants will be able to confidently and effectively:

identify, gather, and organize the information required to develop an effective presentation
use appropriate forms (templates) for structuring persuasive and project update presentations
tailor a presentation to the specific needs and learning styles of the audience
transform anxiety about giving a presentation into positive, focused energy
use dynamic visual aids to make a positive and lasting impact on the audience
deliver dynamic presentations that achieve desired business results
use appropriate gestures, eye contact, and voice inflections to support the content
apply effective presentation skills in the virtual environment
maintain rapport with the audience in answering questions and dealing with challenges
analyze presentations and provide productive feedback and coaching on opportunities for improvement


identifying the appropriate presentation structure (i.e. informative, persuasive, status report)
being persuasive vs. being pushy
tailoring the presentation to a specific audience and to each adult learning style
balancing the right level of detail and supportive stories
preparing the slide deck (PowerPoint usage and business standards)
planning unique strategies for the virtual environment
giving and receiving feedback
practicing effective platform skills and techniques designed for virtual settings
maintaining rapport with the audience

Pre-Work Requirements And Guidelines Summary:

In this presentation training program, participants will be asked to bring information about a work-related topic that they can use to build, rehearse, and deliver a persuasive presentation during the workshop. In addition, participants should bring laptop computers to class, which will be used to create PowerPoint presentations.

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Please note: We also offer a 1.5-day training program for IT and technical professionals on building relationships and consulting skills.