Keynote for IT Professionals

“Do You Hear What I See?”

When your clients speak, do you always hear the same picture they had in their minds?

If not, that could be the first sign of trouble on a project, one that might not be revealed until you present your “perfect” solution. This lack of access to correct and specific information from the onset of a project is both commonplace and the reason many projects go over budget and/or fail.

“Do You Hear What I See” is a lively, humorous, and interactive keynote, designed for IT and technical professionals whose success relies on gathering accurate and precise information from clients.

Effective communication becomes simple when you know the magic words that can help your clients define their acceptance criteria in language that creates the same picture for both of you.

The “Do You Hear What I See” keynote typically ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and serves as a mini-class. Participants will come away with communication and adult learning skills they can implement immediately.