Individual Feedback

Individual Feedback:

The Effective, Tailored Approach

However well-meaning your intentions, is giving or receiving feedback causing more harm than good?

Feedback is one of the most critical, yet least understood skills in effective business communications. If motivational (positive) feedback and developmental (constructive) feedback aren’t given or received properly, they can have the opposite effect of what was intended. This training module focuses on how to get the most benefit out of feedback. It’s a natural add-on for the Peer / Team Feedback training program or any 360 degree feedback program.


This training module can range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Intended For:

This training module is designed for all business professionals. The training program focuses on how to effectively give and receive feedback and how to avoid the clashes that often accompany positive intentions that are poorly executed.


After completing this training module, participants will be able to:

evaluate their own styles of giving and receiving feedback
practice tailoring feedback to individual styles
evaluate specific language patterns that are appropriate in delivering motivational (positive) and developmental (constructive) feedback


determining individual feedback styles
using feedback language patterns
giving and receiving feedback

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