Precise Questioning

Precise Questioning:

Asking the Right Questions Upfront

Are you asking all of the right questions from the beginning of a project? They are the investigative gems that are guaranteed to produce the right results in the end.

When clients state their desired outcomes, they often describe what they want, which is rarely what they actually need. This communication training program is designed to assist the “internal technical consultant” in systematically gathering accurate requirements from the beginning of the project. The training also covers a 7-step questioning process that can make clients aware of their real needs, versus their perceived wants.


This training module can range from 120 minutes to 180 minutes.

Intended For:

This training module is designed for IT and technical professionals (such as internal consultants, training coordinators, and product developers) who need a systematic process for accurately gathering a client’s specific project requirements.


After completing this training module, participants will be able to:

gather accurate information about the client’s current status and needs
guide the client through an effective 7-step questioning process, in order to distinguish between their realistic needs and their perceived want
ask questions to create a clear, agreed-upon, desired solution
create a compelling client “ownership” of the agreed-upon outcomes
discover the big picture affect of any new or changed process or procedures
determine what additional resources will be needed to accomplish the desired goal


applying an effective 7-step questioning technique to assist clients in defining their real needs
playing specific roles for the questioning process
clarifying vague wording in the client’s vocabulary

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