Proactive Listening

Proactive Listening:

Hearing Between the Lines

Do you know how to listen, how to really pay attention? Not only listen to what’s being said, but also to what’s not being said?

One of the best ways to improve communication is to practice active listening and to pay attention to nonverbal communication. This listening skills training program highlights how to interpret body language, how to encourage the other person to speak candidly, and how to verify that the information was received accurately.


This training module can range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Intended For:

This training module is designed for IT and technical professionals who want to improve their listening skills.


After completing this training module, participants will be able to:

focus their attention on another person’s information
demonstrate rapport while listening to another person
encourage another person to continue with their story
be aware of how, specifically, they are processing information at any moment while actively listening
clarify, in the moment, what they’ve heard


using 3 easy-to-follow listening techniques to become a more focused and active listener
practicing 3 very specific listening techniques in a role play
experiencing the impact of “mind trips” on effective listening

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