Rapport Skills

Rapport Skills

Bringing Harmony to Relationships

You probably know when you’re experiencing rapport with someone, but do you know what to do when you’re not?

This rapport skills training module defines rapport and teaches participants how to establish and maintain positive connections in business and personal relationships.


This training module can range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Intended For:

This training module is designed for IT and technical professionals who work closely with internal or external clients. The program is focused on the need to create an atmosphere of harmony and rapport, in order to work together more effectively.


After completing this training module, participants will be able to:

experience rapport firsthand
practice establishing and maintaining rapport with business partners
demonstrate effective techniques used to gain rapport – in person, on the phone, in virtual environments, and in face-to-face business meetings
use rapport skills to accomplish goals and keep the door of communications open


establishing and maintaining rapport through: body language, facial expressions, voice characteristics, common interests, and metaphoric language patterns
determining how to establish rapport in a guided exercise

For more information on rapport skills training, please call 303-458-8305, or e-mail tom@tomdearth.com.