Team Feedback

Peer / Team Feedback:

The Positive, Productive Loop

Is your team working up to its full potential? Is the team’s total productivity far exceeding what each team member contributes individually?

Teamwork is the backbone of all organizations. The functional effectiveness of teams determines the success of the organization. The ability to give and receive feedback is a critical factor in the healthy functioning of teams. This training program focuses on how to give team members the necessary tools to deliver feedback that’s in alignment with the groups agreed-upon criteria. It’s a natural add-on for the Individual Feedback training program or any 360 degree feedback program.


This training module can range from 4 hours to 8 hours.

Intended For:

This training module is designed for business professionals who need a proven process for giving and receiving feedback (positive and negative) in a team environment. The training program focuses on determining team norms and standards, learning and practicing specific skills in self evaluation, and facilitating normally “hard to deliver” feedback.


After completing this training module, participants will be able to:
determine a team’s functional norms and standards
complete a self-evaluation process based on the team’s norms and standards
function as a team feedback facilitator
participate in group discussions on peer evaluation and feedback
determine the appropriate language patterns to deliver face-to-face feedback


determining functional team norms and standards
implementing a self-evaluation process
generating open-ended questions
facilitating team feedback
delivering face-to-face feedback

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